Meet servilocker

Prescription medication can be collected from the pharmacy counter or delivered to a specified address. Now servilocker offers a third option. Servilocker is a secure dispensing unit with separate compartments in which pharmacy staff place filled prescriptions. Patients receive a message with a unique collection code and can collect their prescription at a convenient time (24/7).

Maximum access

Servilocker is usually installed inside the pharmacy. To offer 24/7 access, it can be installed with external dispensing compartments and in public areas with controlled access. Servilocker is available in a range of models with different-sized compartments and refrigeration for medication that needs to be kept cold. It also includes online payment processing for prepaid prescriptions. So there is a solution for every pharmacy customer.


Servilocker is a total concept designed to be available to patients almost 100% of the time. Patients know they can rely on servilocker’s 24/7 service, so it receives intensive use.


Servilocker is designed to be completely secure. This includes the use and operation of the unit and ensures that the right medication is stored in the right conditions and collected by the right person. The system is also designed to prevent unauthorised access.


Servilocker = privacy. Servilocker can be integrated with pharmacy systems in a way that eliminates the need to process sensitive personal data. Servilocker enables patients to discreetly collect securely stored prescription medication with a unique code and their date of birth.